Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day part I

All My Kitties wishes you a
Happy Valentine's Day!

This is just the start of our Valentine's blog.

There will be many more photos tomorrow, of your precious loved ones who are visiting us this lovable holiday weekend.

Today we took a lot of photos of Tiger.  He's loving the hearts and balloons, and the festive feather toy.

Every kitty guest receives a homemade Valentines card created personally for them by Allison, Ellen, Marie, and Miles.

Stanley was our Facebook star yesterday with this adorable photo.

We didn't show you that he really just wanted to eat his Valentine.

Allison is modeling her and Grace's red neck wear for the holiday party.

Frankie was another who just wanted to play.

Allison got him to hold still for just a moment so I could take his photograph, but he blinked right when the flash went off. 

Some kitties were easier to photograph, like Boo here.

Then some cats, like Jackson, just wanted to sleep through the whole, crazy thing.

Lucy has been with All My Kitties for several months.  She definitely has Ellen's heart.

Miles is holding his special girl, Settie.  

 Sabrinia is thinking about other things right now.

Like escaping to the window ledge to take a peek at the beautiful day outside. Look at the bling on her collar. She's such a fashion queen. 

This is Popo and we have asked her to pick out her own card. 

"Is it this one????" 

"Help me.  There are so many."

We tried to get a great photo of just Tiger and Ellen with the balloons, but look who just had to check this out..   Here comes
 nosie Stanely.  

There will be more blog photos tomorrow of a different Valentine's Day guests.  Stay tuned.  And don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook.

In the mean time... 
Your blog host - Marie

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