Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday George

Shall he always be remembered.

We at All My Kitties are famous cat lovers too.  Here are a few of ours.

Starting with Lupin who last year, when he first came to visit AMK, was wearing a cone on his head and a pin in his leg.  Warning:Keep kittens away from ironing boards with irons on them.


But after two surgery's and months of therapy, Lupin has grown and recovered almost 100%.  Here he is helping Marie on her computer.

Such a love.

Also boarding in the office is Tiger. He just loves this comfy bed! 

Scooter is close by too.  He is such a handsome fellow, don't you think?

Hunter enjoying this nice carpeted, but well shredded kitty house.  Time to get a new one I think.

 Skeeter loves his yellow blankie.  He's soooo cozy.

Grrr! You show that toy's who's boss, Baby!

Zed is just the biggest fluff-ball ever!

So gentle too.  He always uses soft paws with me.

"Yeah I'm free, free fallin'!"
(Tee hee, a little trick photography here.)

Sorry to disturb you from your nap, Lyre!

Allison giving McClane some extra loving.  McClane can be found just about any time perched somewhere on the  book shelf.

Mmm yes, chin rubs are the best! Right Kashi?

Rosabelle's gorgeous and she knows it!

Amigo enjoying a nice little nap in this warm basket.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I sure had fun with all these sweet kitties.

Your blog host - Ellen

George Harrison - February 25th, 1943 - November 9th, 2001
Give me Love, Give me Peace on Earth.

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