Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11, 2014

Another Beautiful Spring Day!!!

Miss Wilson getting ready to "spring" into action.

Lick lick, groom groom. Maximus already has impeccable grooming habits for a baby kitten.

Venus enjoying the plexiglas window.

Cassini loves being on top of the condo. That way she gets to spy on everyone.

Millie lounging around.

This direction is MUCH more comfortable.

Look at those claws! Careful Newton!

Joe has so much to talk about.

A little sibling rivalry is never a bad thing.
Bombay getting ready to do a little belly dancing.

Miles' shoe makes a GREAT head scratcher.

Oops, we caught Rosabelle in the middle of her bath time.

Poncho Villa is such a sweet boy. We're lucky to be able to take care of him while his people are away.

Moe, would you stop being so gosh darn cute?

"Arrrgh" Cassini wanted to let us know how much she liked breakfast this morning.

Aww how pretty is Jo?
Moterhead enjoying this cozy heated basket.

We have two Millie's with us right now. Here's the other Millie getting ready for some cuddles.

Cougar is a total flirt. Isn't he adorable?

These two are just the cutest pair. They're always together.

How cute is Lulu?

She's such a sweet kitty.

Zorro really digs his bed.

Arina always manages to make her way into the litter closet.
I'm not sure why but that's her favorite place to be.

Doesn't she look so proud of herself?

Maximus! We're all in love this this kitten here.

Your blog hosts for today
- Miles and Ellen

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