Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22nd

Its been a rainy afternoon over here at All My Kitties, so a lot of our guests have been napping inside, but not everyone could wait for the sunshine

Leo volunteered to answer the phone for a day!
"Hello, this is All My Kitties, Leo speaking. Uh-huh, yes, and do you have any cat treats? No? One moment, let me put you on hold."

Sophie just wanted a good scratching and some attention

You can't tell from the pictures but Mini-Bear here makes the cutest noises when you pet her (it's still pretty easy to see how cute she is)

Philbert wants the sunshine back!

Inside, Grace is surveying her kingdom.
She spies:

Maggie, recently returned from a string-toy hunt

GiGi and Junior, the reunited siblings who share a deep love of taking naps

Berlioz, who mainly likes to play and cuddle

 Rufus, who is pondering life, existence and cat-nip

...and Oka, just waking up from a nap!

Blog today by Miles, wishing all of you who are on vacation sunshine and good weather! 

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