Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring, spring, spring!

It finally feels like spring! All the kitties are LOVING this weather!

Today's blog host is Minka!
(No, but she is sitting on my lap right now!)

I can't get over how adorable Maximus is.

Such a sweet little baby.

Junior enjoying his basket.

Venus loves this comfy pillow.

I think Wentworth is trying to escape.

Hmm, nope, can't get out this way! Now he's off to explore elsewhere.

Marilyn wanted to pay Chief a visit. I don't think Chief minds.

Gigi all nice and cozy.

Buster came out of his favorite cabin to enjoy this Spring weather.

Moterhead coming up to me for some cuddles.

Ahh Spring! Isn't it great, Mojo?

Joe staying cool in the shade.

Eliza is just such cutie and a wonderful kitty to take care of.

Millie wants to go run through Marie's garden.

Zezou always has a smile on his face.

Siblings Sushi and Spike both have their favorite tents they like to spend their time in.

Philbert looks so handsome stretched out on this perch.

Bombay looking for trouble. =)

Moe just can't get enough attention.

Have a lovely day!
Your blog hosts - Ellen and Minka

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