Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 17th

Tommy just came in this morning but he's already out and about enjoying the view.

Ahh sorry about the flash, Krancis!

Kali is so gorgeous and she has such beautiful eyes.

Coco surprised us all when she came out of her condo...

Maybe that's because Miss Wilson took over her carrier.

Leo walking down the runway.

Back to his "room" to freshen up

Berlioz is such a sweet kitty.

Grace thought my hand was a toy! Thankfully she didn't play rough at all.

Ozzie is just too tired to pose for the camera.

Hazel on the other hand is always down for a photo shoot.

Maggie stretching. I love her orange coat! I've never seen a calico with that much orange. 

Zezou is the perfect model, as always.

This is the best picture I could get of Loki. He's much more interested in getting attention than having his picture taken.

YAWWN! Jessica is SO tired!

Odin(left) and Teddy(right) are starting a grey kitty club.

Rosabelle looks like she sees a bird or something behind me.

A rare quiet moment with Philbert!

Tiger rearranged this outdoor cabin to make it more cozy. 

Your blog host - Ellen

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