Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14th

Jilly Bean is just sweet and quiet

What a classic tabby

Oscar here is very sweet and anything BUT quiet

He is a fluffy, flying play machine

Who thinks my hand is very tasty...

Friendly little Leo is always a welcome presence here in the office

Once Coco finds a warm place to curl up she sticks with it

Scooter is really just a giant sweetheart, he always wants to hang out and cuddle

Skeeter is actually just as sweet, he talks and talks until someone comes to pet him

"Why did you stop petting!? Come back!"

Olive is a giant bundle of fluff and love

I cannot get over what a fantastic coat Bear has

He should be a cat model

Marvin is a mellow little guy, all he wants is sleep and affection

Julian is Mr. personality, he climbs rolls and sqeaks!

and he is always on the move

Someone is forgetting the cat door...

Cougar's been out all day, so she found a cozy cabin to warm up in

Blog by Miles having a very mellow time with all the kitties before the Christmas rush starts up

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