Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9th

Look at that cute little face! Oh my goodness.

And how pretty is Miss Tess?

Getting ready for some cuddling.

Oscar was running all over the office earlier but of course, when I pull out the camera he's settled down.

Brothers Scooter (above) and Skeeter (below) sure know how to relax!

Gorgeous Josie hanging out on top of the condos.

I'm pretty sure there's a cat in there somewhere...

Mowgli has been reunited with his long lost penguin friend!

Frankie enjoying this surprisingly warm December day.

Such a silly girl
Julien couldn't wait to get outside this morning

He's such a great kitty!

Bear woke up from his nap! Look at those green eyes.

Happy Tuesday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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