Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

And happy holidays to everyone! As you can imagine we have a FULL house over here. I apologize if you don't see your feline friend on today's blog and will do my best to make sure they're on the next one! 

Sophie may look a little displeased but she was purring up a storm on my lap

She was rolling over and even making muffins. Too cute!

Sabrina is right at home on the condo tops.

Aussie walking around the office now, why couldn't she do that when I was taking pictures?!

Oyster looks like he's walking down the catwalk
I don't think Nefertiti was too happy that I found her hiding spot and woke her up.
Pepper looooves her butt rubs.
Summer decided she wanted to hang out in the food room instead of with all the other kitties.

She seems so relaxed in here.

What a doll! Summer is the sweetest

Gigi can't wait for Santa to come tomorrow.

Beau seems indifferent

And Elsa is just snoozing away!

I caught Cooper mid-lick. She wants to make sure she looks her best for Mr. "Claws"

Look at how festive Neddie is! With her green bed and Christmas lights.
Josie looks pretty cozy in bed.

Oh Stanley. He just has the cutest face.

Philbert watching over his domain.
But look out for the lazer eyes behind you!

Miss Rosabelle can't wait for her dinner.
Do you hear sleigh bells, Dixie?

Oh Buster. Just napping away in the middle of the floor.
"It's almost CHRISTMAS!" Tenzing can hardly wait.

"Christmas?!" Ollie is rushing to see if he has any presents yet.

"Hmm, Christmas? Wake me up when it's time for presents" ~ Charlie
Maggie just wants to stay in bed all day
Gitana coming right up to the front of her condo for attention

While her sister Mia found a nice basket to hide in.

Lola poking her head out for some attention


Yana is also a huge fan of butt rubs.

Sam is happy to spend his day outside.

Prince is almost like our own groundhog "Yup, it's still winter!"

Millie loves the kitty cabins with the heated beds.

Grace is another kitty in the holiday spirit.

Happy Holidays to everyone! 
Your blog host - Ellen

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