Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 20

Nefertitti was hanging out on the windowsill being super cute!

What a sweet girl!

Oscar was being his usual, rambunctious self!

Rainy popped her head out for some love and attention

After she came out, Sophie contented herself just rolling all around 

Oyster likes his spot under the chair

Tenzing is such a beautiful cat!

You can tell he loves showing off his coat

His sister Juneau is such a little darling too!

Her tail is always up like this, it's the cutest!

Maggie is just a sweetheart

Nyar is always super sweet

Who doesn't love to roll, pet and cuddle?

I hate to break it to Philbert, but all that meowing counteracts the camo-tent

Roseabelle makes such a cute little bundle in her basket

Olive actually loves it outside right now, all that fluff must be fantastic in the cold!

Buster knows what that's all about

Yana doesn't seem to mind at all, she has a heat-pad there

And Millie grabbed the spot with the view!

Sam is such a great little guy

Sookie is happy curled up on a blanket inside

What a great, bushy tail you have Cooper!

Louis is such a sweetie! He was all quiet and timid but was super affectionate the moment I came to pet him!

Happy Holidays to all of you! Blog today by Miles, making sure your cats are having as much of a vacation as you are!

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