Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 6th

The Year's Gonna Be Over Soon!
How did that happen?

This is little baby Oscar, he has only just gotten here and is already settled in!

I guess kittens just don't have a care in the world 

Tess gets up and comes right out whenever someone's around!

Emma is super sweet!

She loves laps and just has the softest coat!

Hank is just full of personality!

Scooter is such a sweet, silly kitty!

Always gotta keep your hands clean just in case someone decides to taste them

Skeeter is the energetic one!

Josie is just a sweetheart who's been coming here for ages

She likes a lot of time to herself, and like every cat, marches to the beat of her own drum

Blaise is still feeling very shy, but with love and attention he'll open right up

Kashi is just awesome

Always super silly and super affectionate

Hank is a little more shy than his brother, but he's still a sweetheart

Tana has the same floppy side as her brother

These two are so cute!

And who could forget about Frankie!
(I think I woke her up from her nap)

Blog today by Miles, happy to have every cat here!

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