Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 25th, 2015

Siblings Captain and Cleo are settling in well!

Making the bed!

Oh hi there, Frances!

Mojo, Indy and Kaplan all nestled in on a sunny morning

Kaplan is zonked out

Indy is getting comfortable

I wonder what Mojo is dreaming about

Just look at that long tail on Holder!

Sasha says "Wassup?"

Such stunning markings!

Lincoln says "Om nom nom" as he chews on some twigs

Why hello, Bowie

Sambi always so delightful at posing for us

Marilyn is so snuggled up

Scout's eyes match the greenery in the garden

Look out, Badger is about to leap!

Costello loves to lounge around as high up as he can

Jessica prepares for her afternoon nap

Cutie pie, Starbuck!

Tikki peeks out! Epic eyes, Tikki!

Lovely Mittens!

Sassafrass says "Rawr!"

Come back again soon, sweet Gomez!

See you again very soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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  1. Sasha looks like she's having such a fun time. What wonderful pictures of her! Thank you!