Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11th

Sambi is ready to run out the door!

Xinhou has a lot to talk about!

Cute little Holder

Geri is such a cutie!

Lincoln looves his little fabric ball

Bela is just so beautiful!

Annie is perfectly content to lounge around in her basket

Jeff just wants to explore!

And to flop around some

Percy can always be found in his carrier

Cleo loves this spot on top of the condos

Max likes to save some of his crumbs from breakfast for a snack

Mowgli is warming up and loooves his head rubs!

Another floppy kitty, Jackson!

Tiger looks pretty comfy

Hi Ziggy!

Xinhou is such a cutie and my, look at those whiskers!

When Bailey Bob isn't darting around the catio he likes to nap right here

Grace found a cozy basket to take her afternoon nap in

Handsome Puss'n'Boots

Max snoozing away

Achilles strikes a pose!

Your blog host -Ellen

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