Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1st

"if i fits i sits" says Roo

Tiger guarding the front door

Luna and Pancho hanging out together!

Basso is such a friendly guy!

Bailey Bob is always down for nap time

Millie looks pretty comfy

So many sleepy kitties.  Sammie Snowshoe is too cute

Yana took over Tigers spot except it looks like she's planning an escape

I set this basket out to dry but Nyar thought it was a cool place to beat the heat

Even jungle cats like Samson need a nap now and then

Kitty Angel showing off those chompers!

Alice loves her high up spot

And Eve loves her pink fluffy bed

Gigi showing off her toes

Almost identical poses from Wally and Charlie

Gorgeous Bela 

Taylor would like some cuddles, please!

That's quite a yawn Louie!

Butterscotch and Kiki are both A+ nappers

Cleo perked right up when I said her name

Marvin is such a mellow fellow

Darling Miss Emma =)

Don't you look comfy, Max?

One kitty

Two kitties

Both kitties!
Misty and Jasmine are the sweetest pair!

Notch, how is that comfortable!

Hope you all are staying cool!
Your blog host - Ellen

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