Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 6th 2015

Coco shows us her soft side (her belly) today!

Bela and her blanket are inseparable!  

Desi one cool kitty.  


Holder loves attention! 

Desi loves her basket!

Rufus is always curious about what new treat we have to offer.  

Butterscotch is being a little camera shy.


And Cleo!

Diablo has been settling in nicely during her first stay with us.  

Kitty Angel sure has a lot to say!  

Holder on the move!  


Tiger has legs for days!  

Bailey Bob is the most gentleman-like cat around!  

Starbucks becomes a real flirt when we talk to him!

Sambi quickly became accustomed to the out of doors.  

Lincoln is such a nice guy and he hasn't once missed the little box!  

Jackson likes to hang out on his bed from home.  

George races down the stairs whenever he's called.  Good boy, George!  

Grace enjoys the cool of the stairwell.

Millie, the benevolent ruler of cattery!

That Xinhau is one curious cat!  

Have a great day!

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