Friday, August 28, 2015

August 28th

Finley looks like he's showing off his "crib" like on the TV show

"And this is where I bird watch"
Mittens enjoying some fresh air

The window is the place to be apparently!

Kiki and Tikki getting to know each other

Sweet little Nixie napping away

Mitchell has such striking facial features

Cute little Cinnamon

Desi has very dreamy eyes

Chin rubs!

I walked into the room to find this

Frances is VERY pleased with his new bed he made.

Sambi strikes a pose

Holder needs attention and he needs it right MEOW

Tana looks soo sleepy

Kitty Angel strikes a pose for me too

Aw Miss Jessica didn't like the flash. Sorry sweetie!

Costello looking into the distance.

Lincoln has beautiful green eyes

Xinhou loves to perch up high

Sweet Kaplan

Miss Badger is such a cutie

I love Indie's pink little nose

Scout is too handsome

Kaplan climbing my leg for some attention

Xinhou attacked my hand with kisses

Sasha can't decide if she wants to be upstairs or downstairs

What kind of face is that, Kashi?

Max soaking up some cuddles from Miles

Bear looks so refined in his shiny tuxedo

Other Bear is feeling a little camera shy

Cleo looks soo cute!

Captain squints at the flash.

Your blog host - Ellen