Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16th, 2015

Newton is a gentle giant of a boy who just loooooves to rub up against my armpits

His sis Cassini snoozes off the afternoon

Nefertiti is up and at 'em

Hershal couldn't be more cozy up in there

What's up, Popo?

Max is sooooooo content

What a boy!

His sister Olive wants in on the love

No problem

Katie is quite possibly our current friendliest cat, she is always up for a chat and to be held

Mowgli is a very handsome fellow

Just look at him!
Heya, Marley!

Sweet Sam is back!

He shows off his tall physique 

Ziggy is looking so grand

and very contemplative 

Skeeter goes down for some ZZzz's..

..While his brother Skooter has just popped up

Callie is having a chatty afternoon

Pretty little lady

Stella has come out of her condo to explore the cattery for the very first time!

Checkin' it out

So much to see!

Lovely Lucy stops by to say hello

And mark her territory

We found this little fluff ball wondering astray down this block the other day. It's owners have not yet come for claim. "Pebbles" is currently nestled safely in Marie's home. Please let us know is you've seen any signs around or know of anything regarding this little cutie.

See you around again soon!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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