Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21

Esme has already made herself right at home in the office.
She's even helping with paperwork!

Miss Taylor ventured out of her condo but was too busy exploring for me to get a good picture!

Newton creepin' around

Catamaran in bed

Cassini snoozing away

Oscar and Baret checking out their condo

What a charming face, Louie!

Handsome Bennie

Herschel is a kitty that knows how to relax

Hi Chloe!

What's up, Marilyn?

Bailey Bob loves this perching spot

Lucy squints at the camera flash

Sushi is such a cutie!

Cooper just came in and has decided she wants to stay in her carrier a little longer

What a cute face, Stella!

Callie is inside for once? She usually wants to spend all her time outside in the catio

Lazer is such a gorgeous girl!

Katie is always ready to pose for the camera

Hello miss Maggie!

Spike is feeling a tad camera shy

Miss Yana

I caught her mid head shake

Sam loves his outside spots

Nyar is the sweetest

Why hello Cougar!

Smokey taking a bath

Herschel is just too handsome

Gigi always wants attention!

How pretty is miss Sadie?

Happy Holidays!
Your blog host - Ellen

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