Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9th, 2015

Gentle Hershal adores is cozy little huts

Loki notices the camera

Hey little buddy!

Loki walks over to Leo and they attempt to converse 

What did you talk about, Leo?

Desi says "No pictures right now, please, I'm half awake"

Sooshy, you are such a delightful little kitty


Callie has a gorgeous coat of many colors

Katie awake to the camera

Not getting up yet!

Too much comfort to handle

Are you sticking your tongue at me, Sailor?

Just look at that endearing face on Sculpin!

She's a cuddler

Holder gives me the stink eye when I won't give him all my attention

He decides that being cute helps

It does!

Aww, hi little Trooper! Didn't see you up there!

Such sweet siblings.

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