Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5th, 2015

Our kitty friends are calm and peaceful on this rainy Seattle day!

High five, Raphie!

Desi loves modeling for the camera.  

Cordelia is a beautiful girl!

Loki stays snug and a bug inside his basket with his heated pad.


Sooshie stretch!

Marie's cat named Charles is taking a mini vacation in the catery.

Sooshie again.  

She's so photogenic and loves having her picture taken.

Basil is such a love!

He always welcomes a nice head-rub!  

Sculpin and her brother are new to All My Kitties are they are settling in very nicely.

Sailor keeps watch over his sister from a shelf.

Katie and Callie are newcomers too and they are very proper cats.


We like Spike!

Trooper is taking a much needed rest after spending all morning wressling with his buddy, Holder. 

Radar gives us a wink.

Holder is an athletic guy who loves to flex his stuff!  

Thanks for checking us out today.

Your blog host.


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