Saturday, December 26, 2015

December 26th

Ahh the Holidays are over but things are still in full swing at All My Kitties.
We missed a lot of your furry babies on our last blog so now we're trying to catch up!

Hana in her little green house

Clovis posing with his toys
AO is a handsome guy!

Milan likes his carrier

Benny spending his day in bed

Pepper has such a beautiful sleek coat!

Her brother, Dexter, has a handsome coat to match!

Elsa just wanted me to pet her and not get her photo taken

Catamaran doing what she does best

Hana curled up in my lap for some cuddles

Kona is ready for her close up!

Grace decided to hang out in our bathroom today

Miss Sadie was making muffins for me

Gigi sure looks relaxed!

Oyster striking a model pose for me

Starbuck kept moving around and making it difficult for me to get a picture of him

Roo giving me a wink ;)

I could not find Quorra anywhere in our "Specialty Suite"

I noticed something moving around behind Marie's decorations and there she was! 

Emmy looking around

Sam what are you doing?

Marilyn was too sleepy to turn all the way around for me.

Bazbeaux showing off his amazing tail

Puss says "Hello!"

Hi miss Cooper!

Buster snoozing away (with Lazer in the background!)

Millis loves this spot

And last but not least, Olive!

I hope you all had a great holiday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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