Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1st, 2016

Jack Black comes out to play!

Mika is looking very fancy


Vincent is a very dear boy

Rosalie is a little princess 

Bazbeaux had a talkativeafternoon
Tired from all the talking?

Peter is a fabulous poser

Lady Penelope is a fine looking lady, indeed

Oscar is all eyes!

Berat is very bodacious

Sweet little Uli loves the comfort of her bed

Brody is just barley awake

Roo! You almost match the blanket

This is Cheerio's claimed thrown

Grayson is our newest guest!

What a good boy he is!

Samoa is the sweetest!
Brody does a back flip! 

Silly goose

Olive is an outstanding girl!

What a tail!

Umi sneaks out behind the catio

Enjoying the glorious day!

Happy first day of June! Enjoy all the sunshine and warmth!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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