Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11th, 2016

Theo is looking grand!

Peto gets very silly with my shoe

Nothing else could be seen except Umi's arm

Otto is just hangin' out!

Welcome, Pippin!

Warming up to love


What are you doing, Otto?

Luna sneaks up on me!


Leo is all over the place!

It's graceful Grace!

Great body shot, George!

Winston is a vision!

Charlie loves the garden!

Cougar always knows when to pose

Olivia is looking magical and statuesque 

Notch knows what's up

Watson has quite the tuxedo!

Kuro is very very comfortable 


Gus says "Do not disturb"

Eggs Benadict is our newest kitten guest. Check out that belly!

Oscar was soundly sleeping away. Sorry buddy!

Leo gets his head rubbed by Ellen


Roxy had things to say to us!

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