Saturday, July 9, 2016

July 9th

Gabby taking her afternoon nap

Mowgli is so cute!

I took picture of two cats when they were in the middle of shaking their head. Mowgli above and Luna below!

Believe it or not this was right in the middle of Luna shaking her head!

Leo and Cleo hanging out together =)

Miss Umi!

Percy is this sweetest boy

Oscar is just a big hunk o' love!

Louis has such striking markings

Palu is back to making sure the wires are in the right place

Grace looks so beautiful in her flower-y tent

Who's jelly bean toes are these?


Handsome McClane

Olaf loves this perch


Sammy getting ready to explore the cattery

George is such a sleepy kitty

Leo and Watson like hanging out in their condo together

I woke Pippen up from his nap to snap a picture. Sorry Pippen

Peto is a wild thing!

Kuro peeking through the leaves


Charlie almost blends with the basket!

Frank dancing for attention

Notch looks so content

Gus lounging around

Cougar sitting pretty

Caught Missey mid bath

Otto hanging out in his condo

Your blog host - Ellen

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