Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 3rd, 2016

Happy July from All My Kitties!

Sleepyheads Rocky & Lopo sunbath for a deeper orange tan

Minka plays hide and go seek in the office

Why am I always waking you up, Miava?

Umi is a white snow queen

Lovely Lucas is back!

Gabby decides its bathtime

Leo decides he's done for the day

Lazy little kitties!

Percy gets goofy!

Hester is a quite a looker!

Mia poses for us

"Like this?"

Back to bed, Missey!

Marilyn is a blue eyed beauty!

Oslo chats me up 

Jessica atop her throne

George is back!




Jerry & Pico are curious kitties

Shall we dance??

Millie is looking majestic

It's our noble Notch

You always know where to find Frank!

The catio is Puss 'N Boots' home away from home

Peto finds the shade

George, you are so darn cute!

Olaf is all tucked in

Buddha love her baskets!

Pancho is ready for some sun

Gus leans in for an epic pose


Peto comes out from the shade to tan

Rocky is radical!

Happy 4th of July weekend!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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