Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 16th

Nemo posing for his picture

Ocelot likes to talk a lot

Umi is so content

Oscar soaking up some love

Fred has now moved to my lap and seems happy as can be!

What a beautiful coat, Braveheart!

Cleo loves her window box

Millie is queen of the castle

Mr Watson getting cozy in his bed

Sleepy Sammy

Missey is napping the day away

Luna is such a cutie!


Leo is too cute! Look at that lil nose

Watson hugging his lil feets

Olivia is not impressed with my photography

Otto flopping around

and admiring Marie's garden.

Winston is loving the catio!

Peto hiding his face from the flash of my camera

Lamar looks pretty happy in his cabin

and so does Miles!

Pippin and Lamar meet

Posing for the camera

What gorgeous eyes, Liam!

Lamar and Peto giving each other some eskimo kisses

Lloyd is pretty darn handsome!

Kuro settling down for a nap

George is the chillest cat

Ocho taking a break after running around the catio all morning

Roxy came out to strut her stuff!

Your blog hosts - Ellen and Allison

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