Friday, July 22, 2016

July 22nd

Roxy has the prettiest eyes!

Phil looks like he's pondering life

Braveheart and Roxy investigate the shadow on the other side of the door

Oscar is such a sweetie!

Mr Watson looking mighty elegant

Shirley streeetches before settling down on the printer for a nap

Fred does a little dance

You can tell this is Umi's favorite spot from the previously blue, now white kitty hut.

Mia Mosa is a gorgeous kitty!

Lucy found a nice spot to curl up

Muffin's on the edge

Braveheart playing with the camera strap

Handsome little Oyster!

Kuro in his favorite spot


Mossimo's dream in life is to be a hair stylist...

Stanley creepin around

Mia found a high up perch 

Ocelot poses for the camera

Missey watching over her domain

Cyan is such a cutie

Winston is too adorable

Ispie setting into his condo

Leo has such striking markings

Data coming over to say hello

Just two dudes hanging out

Watson is so silly

Gitana made herself into a pretzel 

Liam coming down from her perch

Olivia loves the outside!

How cute is Miles?

Miss Lazer

Winston again

Peto's just chillin'

Chuck found a nice little bed outside!

Your blog host - Ellen

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