Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 24th

from All My Kitties!

Welcome Tao!

Right at home with some cheek rubs

Welcome Elsa! What stunning eyes!

We love this Pixie Bob bunny-tail!

Welcome Zozo! 
A rare moment awake for Blaise 

Magical Nixie

Ella has so much to talk about!

Moja is always curious to check out everyone else's digs

Fluffy waking up to say hello

Welcome Milo! Whatcha hear out there?

Otis soaking up as much sun as possible

Sweet Kodiak looking for a playmate

Basso likes the cooler temps today

Charles joined us this week in the catio!

Koa waiting for a meeting for the BCC (Black Cat Club)

Tenzing also loves the cooler weather today!

Apollo contemplating his next leap!

Juneau and her sweet baby blues

Frankie has the right idea for a nap

Moja the model
Stella showing off while Koa photobombs

Francis and Angela say thanks for checking out the blog today!


  1. Oh my god Blaise! You got your whole head out! I'm so sorry, I'll be back in less than a week to get you. 😻

  2. lol sorry we teach Francis bad habits 😂