Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 31

Its a quiet house today at All My Kitties
 Bear finds the comfiest spot in the house for a cat nap

Mojo loves to nap in the balmy catio

"I love this cabin!" says Missy

"See? Its mine!"

Kodiak taking a quick break from playtime

Massimo is always wearing a tux to the party

Raleigh would live in the catio if he could!

Eru & Taiko are still looking for their forever home!
How could you resist this face and beautiful markings?

Tana just arrived and is already at home

Sweetest Girl Elfie

Milo exploring the heights of the catio!

I think Milo found his new favorite spot!

Kodiak & Taiko

Tough to be a black cat on a hot day, but Frankie don't seem to mind!
Gotta get them baby blues from Tana!

Domino says "It's dinner time!!"

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