Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22

Yeeeeooooow! It's Monday!

at All My Kitties!

Sweet Stella discovered the cabins for a shady nap

Koa wants you to check out his giant mitts!

"Is it dinner time yet?" - Fluffy (after a nap)

Like many of us, Blaise prefers one paw out of the covers

Caught you Tenzing! Checking out a new condo?

Francis showing off his yoga skills
His favorite pose is Shavasana

Looking for some head scratches lil Tiger?
Cyan is definitely looking for scratches

Juneau is ready to play!

Millie is blissed-out in the warmth

Kodiak always curious!

"Only take one of my good side..." - Nazale

Ollie's favorite nap spot is right behind the computer

Moja and her stunning lime eyes!

Back asleep so soon?

Meet Kaponno! He has fallen in love with the catio

Don't let her fierce looks fool you! Frankie is a cuddle monster

Basso doing his best "Blue Steel"

Otis - "I can do yoga too! I call this one downward CAT!"

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Meows & Kisses, - Angela

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  1. Francis definitely likes his shavasana...followed by tummy rubs......until he doesn't :)