Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 20th

... at All My Kitties!

Welcome Numa! A new friend at AMK!

Francis enjoying some much needed sun!

Precious Parker coming out to say hello!

Naptime for Tenzing & Juneau

Basso knows how to spend a warm afternoon

Frankie taking a bath after getting lots of love!

Miss Millie napping in the sun

Black Cat Club Catio

Otis - Black Cat Club VP

Koa - Black Cat Club Head Honcho

Kodiak wins Most Playful Award

Stella considering moving into a cabin

Sorry to wake you Taiko!

Moja wanted pets so bad he couldn't sit still!

 Mika the Mini-Leopard!

Fluffy woke up for some love too

Apollo watching all the cattery action

Lydia has a favorite spot - in the cattery and our hearts!

Blaise getting settled for naptime

Cyan looking for head scratches

Beatrice's Baby Blues

Pepper getting all the snuggles from new Cat-Wrangler Angela!

- Your Blog Host, Angela

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