Friday, November 1, 2019

November 1st

Sumptuous Ollie.

L.E. is a real knock-out. 

What a nice paw you have, Tyson.

Beauteous Mira.

Peek-a-boo, Navi!

Riley is always so dignified. 

Macha tries out a new secret hide-away spot.

Aguardiente is perpetually cozy underneath blankets. 

You get that scratching post, Panquque!

Luxurious Mavis.

Lucki is back for another visit!

Rocky just got dropped off moments ago.

How's it going up there, Kashi?

Simon is full of yawns today.


Panquque on the prowl.

Always on the look out for birdies.

Charles joins us in the cattery today.

Mavis on her favorite shelf.

Cougar is just a big Cupie Doll with those eyes. 

Quizzical Lucki.

There's so much to explore!

We love you, Mr. Blue!

Jinx is a busy guy.

Mr. Blue hunting for some fun. 

Ollie with a hint of orange.

Simon wants PETS!

Mochi does a once-around the room to check things out. 

Welcome newcomer, Merci.  You sure are a pretty one!


Tyson and Mira enjoy eachother's company.

Navi looks good in black and white.

Saoirse comes all the way for Ireland.  

Tana is dishing out the yawns.  

Mochi is always in a friendly mood.  

Doing it for the love!

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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