Wednesday, August 8, 2012

 Alvin has taken over the office chair again.  

 Cooper is such a love but likes to stay close to his condo.  

 Parson enjoys his condo, the window veranda, and especially this chair.

 I'm disturbing Romeo from his afternoon nap.  Sorry Romeo.

 Gabby is a regular at All My Kitties and loves the outdoor veranda.

 Ollie is looking for Ted who eluded this photo shoot. 

 Kitty Angel speaks up about the possibility of dinner.

 First day jitters for Sookie, but that will change dramatically in one day.

 New cat Beau is an Ollie look-a-like.  Both have white striped noses.

 Kiss Kiss looking for a kiss.

 Eru is so photo perfect.

 Newton, what big claws you have.

 Jack Black lounges high on a perch outside.

 Then he jumps down and poses for the camera.

 Tiger has moved to the outdoor cat cabin.  

 Matilida is a fuzzy girl.

Sister Sophie looks cross, but she isn't.  She's a super sweet girl.  

Maddie on vacation.  Marie filling in with the blog.  Send us an email if you like our blog and would like to see more pictures of your kitties.    Have a great day.


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