Wednesday, August 15, 2012

 Two posts in one day.  I forgot to "publish" the post on the 12th, so you're getting two posts today.  

First is Dinah enjoying a rub down.

 Gabby is waiting for her turn.

 A toy shows up in the office and Parson is loving it.

 You get it Parson.

 Gabby takes a whack at it.

 Gala is interested, but would rather hide behind my monitor while I work on this blog.

 Oslo really likes this play toy.  

 Romance is budding in the cattery between Mittens and Beau.

 Kiss for the camera.

 Meanwhile Oslo still gnawing on the toy.

 Loki loves a finger massage by Allison.

 Mmmmmmm, sooooo gooood.

 Now this is total relaxation for Taiko.

 What a turnaround for this kitty Babs.

 She just loves it here at All My Kitties.

She has a loud meow but is really a sweet kitty.

 Sophie is loving the outside.  She is a condo kitty and is taking full advantage of the outdoor catio.

 It's such a nice hot day that everyone is hanging out outside.

I found my cat Domino sleeping in my flip flop.  I can't imagine it being very comfortable.

 There is no way I can get Wolly to not squint when I take her picture.

 "Gimme five," says Millie.

 Gala goes on a field trip in the catio while Eru looks on.

 No comforting Gala.  She's just not too sure about this place.

 OK, I'll take you back to your condo Gala.

Sophie watches all the drama with little emotion.

 Grace doesn't really care who does what.

 Sookie is just not going to leave her high perch on top the condo.

Gala is much happier in my office next to me and my computer.

Enjoy the weather everyone.  Maddie returns Friday.   


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