Saturday, August 4, 2012

Romeo peeking in from his outside perch.

Sophie is a real love-bug.

Matilda is staying cool.

Cooper is a shy guy, but a total sweetie once you get to know him.

Cordelia posing once again!  She looks so elegant.

Minka is a gorgeous kitty, look at that coat!

Cooper on the prowl.

Parson gazes at me suspiciously.

Mario is always there to greet me at the door.

Phoenix and Jack Black chilling out together. All My Kitties is nicely air-conditioned for these hot summer days. 

Why Chewie what a long paw you have!

Pi is spying on us from above.

Chewie came out for some chin scratching.

Hi Mario!

Jessica just couldn't keep her eyes open for the camera. Too sleepy!

I spied on Misty through the cat door.  

I think she heard me!

Jack Black debating about going out in the heat.  The Blue Angels have been flying this weekend, so it's been noisy.  The kitties don't seem to mind though.

Mia found the coolest place for a nap.

Jasper meowing at me.

Kitty Angel and Jack Black out exploring.

Gilda loves sleeping on the chair.

Thanks for viewing and enjoy the sun!
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