Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tiger winks.

Pepper sneaks a peek.

Brothers Eru & Taiko love to keep each other company.


Buster is so happy he's in his favorite basket.

Costello's eyes always reflect in photos for some reason...

Mia, mid-meow.

Up she goes!

Sookie peeks down at me.

She doesn't want to be bothered right now- she's enjoying the sunshine.

Mojo makes an appearance.

He looks a little tilted here!

Abbott, like his brother, has highly reflective eyes.

They are such sweet boys!

Sophie really has a happy look on her face!

Gala is using the basket to scratch her head.

And then I step in to help!

Dinah is a diva!

Not really, she's actually quite mellow!  I just liked the alliteration.

Carbon soaks up some rays.

Lyre is a cozy snuggly sleeper!

Mojo comes up the stairs, but Mittens bars his entrance at the top!

Grace is very content in her basket.

Mittens goes up to visit Beau again.

I think she likes him!

I hope you enjoyed today's batch of cute kitty shenanigans.
See you next time!

Your blog host,

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