Monday, August 6, 2012

I discovered Romeo lying down while eating.  How decadent!

Since I found out which tricks he knew and started doing them with him, he seems to like me better!
He seeks me out when I'm in the office.  It's so sweet!

Parson is happiest with a fresh dish of food!

Cooper is on the move!  Sophie is obsessed with the closet... she really wants to know what's in there.

Buzz takes a pretzely nap!

Misty is so serene.

Kiki & Jasper are always hanging out in their condo together.

Angel Kitty knows the importance of personal hygiene.

Jack Black knows the importance of relaxation!

Ollie is an intrepid explorer.

So is Ted, here he is gearing up for a big leap.

Millie always looks like she's smiling when she's snoozing.

Pi, such long legs!  And big paws!  Good thing he's such a sweet guy-- he's so big!

Chewie, his brother, is a little more shy, but also quite sweet.

Here's Cooper again-- such a love bug!

Gabby climbs to the highest heights.

Matilda is so sleepy, she seems to have melted right into the pagoda.

I woke Minka up from a nap, but she didn't mind when I started scratching under her chin!

Sophie likes companionship, too.  Here she is, begging to be lifted onto my lap (a request I happily obliged!)

Such sweet kitties, as usual!

See you again soon!
Your blog host,

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