Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13th

Marie's kitty, Domino, is feeling very creative!

Black and Beau hanging out together!

Marilyn trying to hide from the flash of the camera.

Mike napping. =)

Stanley is SUPER excited about his banana toy!

Cute little Pants snuggled up in bed.

Newton taking a nap.

Ziggy's getting some fresh air.

Frankie has made herself right at home.

Mike again!

Cassini coming out to play.

So many black kitties today! Here's Mike and Cassini.

Marilyn posing for the camera.

Agent Orange is sticking his tongue out at me.

It's okay, I can't stay mad at a sweet little face like that.

Swirly's still settling in, he's shy but a sweetheart.

Twyla hanging out on top of the condos. Marie always says she comes down at night but I don't believe it. She loves it up here.

Jackson settled in quite nicely. Such a cutie!

Here's Bentley and Marilyn hanging out together.

Isn't she such a beauty?

More black kitties!  Bentley, I think Marilyn and Mike want a chance to play too!

Mike and Marilyn waiting patiently for a turn with the toy.

Now Fraggle's interested in the toy as well.

Charles hanging out with the two tabbies Gus and Mojo.

Fraggle still thinking about that toy.

Marilyn showing off her sweet dance moves.

What are you doing with that arm, Mojo?

Gus copying Mojo's arm. Gus says it's comfortable.

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