Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 9th

Twyla's got a lot to talk about.

Coco enjoying her fuzzy blanket in her carrier.

Bentley was upset about there not being many blogs recently.  To make up for it we took a TON of pictures.

Gracie scoping things out.

Totes was also not happy about there not being many blogs recently.

Sam checking out the cattio.

Bentley, can you stop being so cute, please? 

What's going on  Totes?

Lopo really likes this kitty basket.

Get the bird totes!

Watch out for Bentley's lazer eyes!

Something happened and Totes is on the case.

Top to bottom: Fraggle, Bentley, and Totes. All stalking the birdie toy.

Totes has crazy whiskers!

When Bentley catches his prey all he really wants to do is cuddle it and give it a bath.

Now it's Fraggle's turn to play with the toy.

Bentley on the left and Fraggle on the right.  Both are such sweet boys.

Frank all cozy in his cabin.

He came out to look at the garden!

Bentley just wants to be friends with everyone.

Sam checking things out with Totes in the background.

Bentley being cute, as usual.

Fraggle is such a sweetie.

He's more interested in the string than the feather toy.

Totes showing off his fabulous new hair do.

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