Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24th

Newcomer Cleo is fits in purrfectly.

Lupin saying hello.

Can somebody tell Neddie she needs to stop being so gosh darn cute?

'Cause whenever I do, she just gives me this look.

Samson! Anyone guess how many toes this guy has?

Look at those dreamy eyes.

Little Juneau is ready to play!

See? She doesn't listen to me.

Gus will protect us from any intruders by distracting them with his cute-ness.
Bella checking the place out.

Curtis absolutely loves his carrier. Which is good cause this guys travels a lot!

Venus is not a fan of this weather.

Lupin found a mouse!

Max hanging out on Rusty's hut.

Pepe and Lupin making friends!  I wish you could have heard them talking, they both have high little meows.

In case you couldn't tell, this is Lola's blanket. She claimed it.

Settie coming in from the rain.  She's got such an adorable face.

Juneau is another cat that won't listen when I tell her to stop being so cute.

The two Siamese's Juneau and Stanley. 

Millie is such a pretty cat, I love that white smudge on her nose.

Lucy's getting ready for bed, "Night everyone!"

Mojo's excited about something!

Zezou enjoying Marie's beautiful garden.

Hi Mojo! He just cant' get enough attention.

Why is this guy still here?  Someone take Fraggle home, you won't regret it!  He'll repay you with lots of cuddles and he'll pay lots and lots of attention to you.

Gus daydreaming about eating all of Marie's flowers in the yard.

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