Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22

greetings from Nava Bean!

Bella all curled up

Curtis got the best seat in the house.. my chair 

how i feel today too Rusty.. 

these precious pair is back!

Venus :) always such a doll 

Lola just the sweetest thing.. 

Cleo prefers to hangout on top of his condo... 

this photo just goes to show how well Lupino is recovering! 

hello from Neddie :)

there's the Jessica we know and love!

Tenzing and Juneau joined us today :)

Millie and Lucy! Here are two cats that just LOVE attention..what sweet things! 

oh Bentley being Bentley. 

what a lovely way to be greeted at the door.. Samson!

Fraggle holding down the fort.. .

Stanley out on the prowl!

Gus and Mojo..nothing can keep these guys from the sunshine

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