Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 16 Black Kitty Party

Here's pretty little Lola.

Pants looks like he's got a huge smile on his face.

Poor Rosabelle hurt her leg and now has to wear the cone of shame. Luckily, she doesn't mind it too much and is still her sweet old self.

Curtis!  Look at those giant eyes!

Max enjoying some fresh air.

Agent Orange is such a cutie.

Lola snuggled up in her little house.

Here come more black cats. This handsome fellow is Beau. (1)

Marilyn is so dramatic. "Please, no more pictures!" Sorry sweetie, you're just too cute. (2)

Mike taking a nap. (3)

Newton has to find a way to stand out among all these black cats. (4)

He's taken to dancing for attention.

Yes Newton, I loved your dance!

Cassini has got some cool moves of his own. (5)

They're such artistic cats!

I believe this is... Fraggle. (6)

I was right! Hi Fraggle. He's still looking for a new home and is just such a wonderful cat!

Here's Jessica. What a darling cat she is. (7)

Gus hanging out enjoying this lovely weather.

Lucky looks so pretty against the Garden. (8)

Frankie relaxing outside (9)

Mike again, being adorable.

Hey Fraggle, don't give me that look!

Stanley rushing to get some attention.

Jackson almost blends in with the basket!

And of course, here's Bentley taking a break from a rough day at All My Kitties. (10)

Millie, what a cutie you are.

Stretch! Here's Mojo getting ready for play time.

So many black kitties! Let's see if I can name them all. We've got Bentley on the stairs, Black on top of the condo, Marilyn is the tuxedo, Lucky in the condo beneath her, and Mike on the cat post. I think I got them all. Black went home today, but he would have been number 11.  We've got 10 black cats right now. Which makes feeding just a wee bit confusing.

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