Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So many photos

 Hi Pants.  Yes, this kitties name is Pants.

Looks like Pants is going to hack up a hairball.

 Maybe not, but that's a handsome haircut you have there Pants.

 Our boy Bentley camping out in a cat tent.

 Bentley and Mike, one of several black kitties visiting us this week.

 But Bentley and Fraggle are two peas in a pod. DO YOU HEAR THAT SARA?

 They're BEST buds and lookalikes too.  They long for a trip to Nome Alaska together.

 Gracie's "people" said they might not be able to look at the blog.

 But she is such a sweet kitty.  I'm going to post her picture anyway.

Pants at a more placid moment.

New kitty Gus just getting settled in.

Totes is such a darling kitty.  All the people comment on how cute he is.

Bentley lovin' up to the cat scratch post again.

Pants has a few comments of his own.  He's fine with the other cat guests, there's just something about me that he has an opinion about, I think.

Marilyn has been here at All My Kitties before.  Today is the first day of her second visit.  Such a sweetheart.

And so is Gracie.

Feather toy comes out and Bentley goes berserk.

Totes is very interested too.

Fraggle gives it a couple of whacks.

He's crazed.

But it ends up with Bentley

"Where'd it go?" says Fraggle.  Did you know that Fraggle is looking for a new home?  He really wants to go to Nome Alaska with Bentley.

Fraggle and Totes put an end to the feather toy FOREVER!  It's toast!

Gus is pretty cute looking out of his cat head basket.

What an interesting tail Totes.

Fraggle is showing us his tough sharpening skills.

Yeah Fraggle, I'm talking about you.

Marilyn just can't believe she's back here at the crazy cat hotel.  Ah, she's a sweetie too and she loves it here.

Twyla says "goodnight."

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