Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13

 Miley on her throne, as relaxed as can be!

Welcoming back GiGi! Sweet and quiet, but always up to model for a photo session

Sam has rediscovered his favorite blanket

 Haji and Taj! Settling in and looking as marvelous as always!

Rudy is continuing his garden expedition, and has recently discovered what he will call "The Catio"

 Max is as curious as he is adorable, and has been exploring everywhere he can

KC is still a little shy, but so very cute that we had to get a picture!

Caruso on the other hand has been showing off his acrobatics for all to see

Rufio has recently branched out into Yoga as well

Hershal decided to spend a slow morning in the basket today

 "Oh, the cleaners are here, make sure and tell them to detail the litter-box!"

Ivy and Nefertiti have been having fun exploring the office today,and settling on any warm lap to be found

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