Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25

Smokey has been on the move all morning!

Gabby resting in her basket.

Herschel hanging out with Lucy in the background.

Yum! Lucy's excited for breakfast.

Cooper being super adorable!

Coco just loves her carrier.

Silly Smokey.

What's up there, Marilyn?

Gigi hanging out in her condo.

Aussie is just too cute.

Samson and Aussie have been spending a lot of time together recently.

Babs! What a cutie.

Getting some love from Babs.

Miles and Zezou are best friends! 

Poncho's going to start a modeling career pretty soon.

Zezou wants nothing more out of life than to be held.

Costello still isn't too sure about coming out, but he just got here this morning.

I love the way the light is hitting Luna, she looks stunning.

Lady Penelope all curled up and ready for her beauty rest.

Abbott exploring the top of the scratching post.

Aussie is way too adorable.

Jessica looks so at home.

Let's see who all is outside.  I see Philbert to the left, Samson on top of the house and Cougar inside the house. I think that's everyone!

Lulu enjoying the sunshine.

Oh hi Philbert! He's got  a lot to talk about!

"You'll never believe what just happened!" ~ Philbert

Bentley getting ready to jump.

Aww Cougar is such a handsome guy.
Lulu again.

Today's blog host was Ellen.  Sam and I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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