Saturday, November 9, 2013

These cats are just too cute

Ivy being wayyy to cute!

Her sister, Aurora is also being way too cute.

Shiloh, what are you even doing?

Herschel came down to say hello!

What a sweetie.  I even got him to purr for me.

Miley and Avery chowing down on some grub.

Olive is so pretty

and curious!

Rufio is showing off some of his karate skills.

Darling Lucy.

Sophie decided to stay in her kitty basket.

Hmm... something seems off about this cat.
(nah, this is Topaz, Allison's puppy)

Suki taking it easy.

Leo sees something interesting behind me.

Some more of Rufio's karate moves.

Watson seems right at home already.

Our other Leo enjoying the fresh air in one of the outdoor kitty cabins.

Bentley is so tired after having a lovely visit from him mom yesterday.

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  1. We LOVE the photos of our kittens, Aurora and Ivy!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! They made us giggle and laugh and feel so good. We hope to see more. : ) Meredith and Lauren