Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18th

Lucy taking a nap before her big adventure to the vet.

Herschel getting comfy

Sweet little Roo curled up in his basket.
(Though, now he's busy knocking over paper on my desk!)

Nefi telling me some AMAZING story.

Breakfast, yum!

Haji checking the other kitties out.

Aussie's taking it easy today.

Miley has her throne back!

Max strutting his stuff.

Caruso came upstairs to join the party.

Aww, KC, I love your eyes!

What a sweet little kitten he is.

Max, no need to stick your tongue out at KC!

Taj enjoying the view.

Oh no, now Miley's lost her condo.

Hiya Sam. You sure are a handsome kitty.

Miles hanging out with all the sweet kitties.

Bentley having fun in the garden.

Happy Monday from your blog host, Ellen, and Herschel!

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