Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pickle and Mochi, keeping watch over the cat condos!

Handsome Hershal, posed here warm and comfy

 But I woke up Lucy from from her nap (she was too cute to pass over!)

And what's up with you, Roo?

Nefertiti always knows how to pose for a good shot 

And we found Aussie asleep in his basket 

Bentley demanded a proper scratching for his photo session


 Welcoming back Amy! She has just gotten back from Hawaii, and made fast friends with KC

Haji was super sleepy, but Taj was out and exploring all morning!

Caruso, staring out to the sea and pondering existence
(I think he saw a bird)
KC kept us on our toes all morning! This is as mellow as he got

Sam, on the other hand, keeps it as cozy as possible

Miles here! Had fun putting the blog together today and meeting Amy. I am pictured here with my very favorite cat Stumpy, who was born with a little stump tail and about 24 toes!

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