Friday, November 22, 2013

November 22nd

Pickle has had such a long day!

Lucy hiding behind her tail.

Herschel is also having  a lazy day.

Does the window veranda smell like other kitties, Nefi?

What's going on over there, Gabby?

Haji is such a handsome fellow.

KC was so happy to see Amy he just had to give her a big hug.

Heya Samson! How many toes does this guy have?

Aww Amy and KC. 

Caruso and Taj watching for birds together.

Zezou has so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  

Samson again =)

Babs enjoying the outside.

What a beauty she is.

Boop!  Sam giving me some head bumps.

Philbert loves this kitty cabin. I think it's his favorite place in the whole cattery.

Sam and Bentley hanging out.

Caruso trying to find a way outside.

KC is just a little cutie!

Bentley can't wait for thanksgiving. He's about to go hunt down his own dinner.

"Hmm... maybe this side has a better chance for escape" 
Nope! I don't think so Caruso!

Herschel all stretched out.

Now he's doing somersaults for head rubs!

Mochi being adorable as ever.

Is something out there Aussie?

Zezou giving us a little fashion show.

Herschel and I can't wait to see all the kitties for Thanksgiving! 
Have a good weekend everyone.

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