Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11

Grizzy hanging out in her condo

Mitchell looks pretty comfortable.

Cinnamon loves hanging out in the window verandas.

Aw Ziggy! Last time this guy was here he was in pretty rough shape. It's so great to see him feeling better!

I have Dexter and Pepper's condo door open but they choose to just snooze away in bed

With no access to the litter closet Arina settles for one of the kitty tents to nap in.

Lulu being her gorgeous self
Marilyn's cute and she knows it!

Hehe I didn't even notice those ears behind the condo before! Hmm I wonder who that was?

Frankie is ready for some cuddles!

Aww Babs is just so beautiful

We let Suzy down to the outdoor catio and she seems to be having a good time!

Leo is such a silly boy

Dixie is sooo sweet. She just always wants to hang out and cuddle 

Max getting a nice refreshing drink of water
Chief is down for the count

Frankie is teaching that blue bunny a lesson!

Simon enjoying the outdoor catio

Harvey looks right at home

Reva was prancing all over and making it difficult for me to get a good picture. She's such a sweetie

Basil is favorite spot

Bird sitting pretty

Achilles really likes Dexter and Pepper's bed!

Rex and I hanging out. =)
They're STILL like this, except being even cuter, if that's even possible.
(meanwhile I'm sitting on a not so comfy stool. What we do for the kitties!)

Brothers Marley and Ziggy are such handsome guys. They've both got beautiful long black coats and stunning green eyes.

Your blog host - Ellen

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